We have 3 trucks for training, 2 instructors and 12 acres of parking space!

Our advantages as compared with all other schools and courses:

• Training is scheduled one to one (between you and our instructor), so you don’t have to quit your regular job while being trained
• On weekends available too!
• No time limit (take as many hours as you need!)
• If you fail at DMV test at 1st try continue your training with no extra payments

• Full course with no limit in hours including truck rent for DMV test – $1,300
• Refreshment course (7 days training including truck rent for DMV test – $800
• Hourly training – $60 an hour first 3 hours (Every other hour is $50 an hour)
• Truck rent for DMV test – only $250
• Combination of the last two (hourly training + truck rent for DMV test)

How to apply:

• Must be 21+ years old
• Must have active driver’s license class “C”
• Must have Social Security card
• Driver’s record does not matter for training.

We do not provide just referral for graduates! All graduates are guaranteed a real job with our trucking company!

Call us today at (888) 860-9959
Address: 8732 Fruitridge Rd., Sacramento CA 95826