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Referral bonus program

Become a member of our team doing your job at home!

Ever dreamed of a residual income? Now you have a good chance to get paid for each driver you recruit for RVS Line LLC. Part-time or full-time job is your own choice!

RVS LINE LLC offers for outsourcing recruiters:

$30 a week per referred driver who worked for RVS Line LLC during the whole previous week and was not on vocations
Referral bonus is paid for all the drivers referred by recruiter on the consecutive Friday by direct deposit
$30 a week is paid for each referred driver during the whole period of his contract with our company (residual bonus)
$30 is also paid to recruiter for the following type of drivers:
• Driver has his own truck and/no trailer
• Driver took a truck for lease with RVS Line LLC
$20 of referral bonus a week is paid for unexperienced drivers (recent truck school graduates)
$50 of referral bonus a week is paid for team drivers (two drivers on one truck)

Means how you can recruit drivers for RVS Line LLC

Using Social networks (creating groups of interest for truck drivers)
Posting advertisement on different job web sites
Using Craigslist
Advertising in Google and other search browsers
Advertising in mass media (radio, news papers)
Meeting potential candidates in person
Organizing seminars and meetings for candidates
Using SMS messaging
Referring your relatives and acquaintances
Advertising in Youtube
Distributing brochures, business cards and booklets


Referral Bonus Payments stop after driver’s termination of the contract with RVS Line LLC. Copy of Termination Notice provided as a proof to recruiters.
From the moment of hiring the first driver RVS Line LLC will sign a contract with a recruiter on a permanent contractor basis. No long-term obligations, no termination fees.
Recruit a driver one time and get bonuses every week!
Make money with us!

To learn about our terms and programs for drivers click here!