The process of cargo consolidation and distribution will not suit every warehouses needs, it is therefore important to make an informed decision as to whether consolidation of load nwill increase the productivity, costs and customer satisfaction for your specific business.  Consolidation process can advance the supply chain for a variety of specific products.  For one, unpreserved or temperature controlled items such as food which need to be transported as quickly as possible can be benefitted by this process.

Our offer:

  • Provide a central site for products to be sorted and similar products combined to be delivered to multiple destinations in the most productive and fastest method.
  • Combine numerous smaller product loads into one method of transport to save on transportation costs.
  • Break down large product loads into smaller loads for transportation to create an easier delivery process to the customer.

Check out our competitive pricing:

  • Reloading of 1 palette – $25 per palette
  • Reloading of 1 full truck load – $20 per palette

Many companies reach a point where the housing of their products creates an impediment in their forward progress. Many smaller to mid-sized companies do not have the immediate funds to invest in warehousing facilities. What options do they have? They can wait and hope their business eventually makes enough money in order to buy or rent a warehouse. This could take a while and cause anxiety in regards to keeping abreast in the industry.

It is not in any way secret that LTL on which many of the middle and small size carriers are putting a great emphasis over the last days will raise their competitiveness against big companies. Consolidating cargo in one place will give them a chance to make way more money on LTL as compared with a full truck load where the market is too tight and competition is tremendous.

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